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All Arthur Murray students are taught using the Arthur Murray method and system of teaching. Each program is carefully planned and personally tailored to fit the specific students’ needs and desires. Through the three different lesson types and progressing through the medalist system, our students are provided with a strong, well-rounded dance education allowing them to become strong social and/or competitive dancers and shine on the dance floor wherever they choose to go dancing!

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Give The Gift of Dance


This program is designed as an introduction to your dancing; it starts with the basic elements to give you a firm foundation! Learn the basic steps and fundamental techniques to some of your favorite dances. This program gives you a chance to get to understand and experience our system of teaching as well as help us plan for your future dancing.


The Bronze program is the social standard of dancing and is the level most students strive for. It will expand your knowledge of many different social dances and a variety of movements/patterns within those dances. You will also focus on techniques that allow for freer movement around the floor, more precise footwork, stronger lead and follow as well as your first introduction to styling. Your confidence and experience on the dance floor makes moving to music feel effortless and natural allowing you to spend less time thinking about what you are doing and more time enjoying yourself and having fun!


The Silver dancer truly stands out on the dance floor. This program builds upon the techniques and fundamentals learned in the Bronze programs and teaches you a higher degree of styling, more elaborate movements and more specific techniques so that you feel and move like a true dancer. Whether on a social or competitive dance floor, your flashy moves, intricate timing and rhythms, and smooth styling will allow you even more confidence, fun, and enjoyment in your dancing.


Gold level dancers have not only made dancing a hobby, but a lifetime commitment! This program takes students beyond social dancing and helps them master the competitive floor as well. Precise movements, intricate choreography, and exceptional control are all elements learned in the Gold program. Hard work and practice will certainly pay off in this program as these dancers are regarded as exceptional any where they go!