All of our personally tailored programs are also all-inclusive to allow our students the opportunity to experience the Arthur Murray Method to its fullest extent. Each type of lesson serves a different purpose and provides an opportunity for the student to use their knowledge and strengthen their skills in a variety of different ways.

Personal Lessons

The best thing about personal lessons is that they are all about you! The instruction you receive in these one-on-one lessons will be carefully planned out according to your program and taught to fit your learning style and pace. You will be able to learn the dances of your choosing, focus on your individual needs, and work on level-appropriate techniques and styling to help you feel comfortable on the floor. Your progress through the dances and levels will be documented and kept so you can see just how much you’ve learned.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are a chance to try something new, or perhaps perfect something you’ve already been working on in your personal lessons. These lessons introduce patterns and/or techniques as well as other dances you may or may not already have been exposed to. Through repetition, they provide a chance to get new movements into muscle memory, as well as test your lead/follow skills by dancing with a variety of partners. Group classes are a great way to supplement your personal lessons and expose yourself to new things. Lessons are scheduled for the various medalist levels on a regular basis, and, because our programs are all inclusive, you’re not limited to the number of level-appropriate classes you can attend on a weekly basis!

Practice Sessions/Parties

Not sure you’re ready to venture off “into the wild” and test out your new skills yet? These sessions will allow you to practice what you’ve been working on in your personal and group lessons in a comfortable and relaxed environment around other Arthur Murray students and instructors. You’ll dance many different styles of dance to many different songs giving you the chance to not only practice what you’ve been learning, but get a glimpse of what else is available in the next level and in other dances you’ve not yet studied. Settings like this help provide “in the field training” and give your teacher a chance to better understand your personal needs to set you up for success on the dance floor!