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We talk about Dance competitions all the time, but did you know that there are BUSINESS competitions too? Yes! Arthur fully believed in the benefits that learning to dance affords it students, but he also felt it was important to grow the studios and the businesses as well. Festival is a chance for the studios to compete with each other in a business sense. Amount of lessons taught, group attendance, and party participants are some of the things that are taken into account and awards are given to top instructors and top studios.

International Dance Festival is an event that all Arthur Murray studios across the world participate in. It takes place twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall, and last for 6 weeks! That means 6 weeks of special group classes, special sponsors only events, themed parties, etc; who really knows what could happen…?!

You can participate by becoming an Arthur Murray Temple Sponsor! Being a sponsor helps enter your instructor and our studio into the International competition. Sponsorship for students currently enrolled in a program is $150 and sponsorship for drop-in students is $200. With your sponsorship you will get to attend the sponsors only events- wine tasting at Sona and a private screening at the Beltonian, sponsors only group classes, tickets from your participation to win prizes, as well as some AM swag as a thank you from us. In addition, enrolled students will receive a 5% discount on any newly enrolled programs during festival, and drop-in students will be allowed to attend all group classes during the 6 weeks at no additional cost. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our love of dance with you and are excited to have a wonderful first festival season!

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